Fritz Schur Energy build on relations: The foundation is our strong and loyal customer partnerships, our stable and long lasting relations with leading suppliers worldwide and our devoted liasons with skilled employees with solid technical insight in the wind turbine industry, both on- and offshore.


Together with our customers Fritz Schur Energy has developed reliable compact hydraulic solutions for on- and offshore turbines combining requirements for high forces and low weight. Thereby we have provided competitive advantages for our customers as well as the wind turbine owners.

Pitch systems

We believe that hydraulic pitch is the pitch system of the future - under all climatic conditions. The hydraulic system is a safe and proven technology, used for a far longer period than other systems. With hydraulic pitch you get lower overall costs, which again is equal to a better payback on the investment.

Hydraulic Parts

Fritz Schur Energy has for the past 30 years provided design and supply for complete hydraulic systems for turbines including hydraulic parts and wind turbine components.


Fritz Schur Energy deliver consultancy, preventive maintenance, retro-fit solutions and training for wind turbine effeciency.

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