Powered by Knowledge


Powered by Customers

All tasks in Fritz Schur Energy are driven by customer needs and demands. Every employee is focused on determining and understanding each customer's specific needs and demands, and on honouring these. This means that throughout the process, we listen to you, we hear you - and we act on it!

Powered by Partnering

Not only do Fritz Schur Energy work closely with our customers. We are also partnering up with our subsuppliers without letting go of our status as an independent supplier. Being partners in both directions in the value chain gives just that: Value!

Powered by Process Management

With the challenges companies such as yours face every day, it is not enough merely to foster the great idea. It is necessary to develop, nurture and manage the project throughout the entire process in order to reach the targeted goal at the right time. That in itself is a competence in which Fritz Schur Energy excel, and we are certain you will appreciate the quality of our performance, when processing with us.

Powered by Changeability

What is right today is not necessarily right tomorrow. The energy sources tomorrow may not look like those used yesterday. Every change brings forward the need for the ability to change. In our vocabulary that is Changeability; the will and ability to monitor and comply with changes and continually keep focus on what is the right solution for our partners.

Powered by Knowledge

We know about Customers. We know about Partnering. We know about Process Management. We know about Changeability. And we certainly know about Hydraulics. Thus we are Powered by Knowledge and would like to know about you and your company!

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