Focus on health

Fit4Schur is an umbrella that covers the joint offer, Fritz Schur Technical Group and the underlying companies are providing. One of the areas we focus on is the employees' health. Therefore all employees are offered:

  • Fresh fruit every day
  • Healthy and balanced diet in the canteen
  • Exercise offers
  • Health insurance
  • Flu vaccination
  • Grants for smoking cessation and weight loss
Focus on community

Project Community was formed at the employee's request of greater focus on the community in the organization, and as Fit4Schur stands for physical as well as mental well-being, Project Community overlaps with these already existing frameworks. It therefore makes sense that Project Community acts as the cultural part of Fit4Schur. It is important to point out that the community part has a dedicated project group consisting of employees from different departments of the organization.

For everyday life, events and party

Fit4Schur also covers the joint activities that are organized throughout the year, which brings together employees across the sites. These activities range extensively from sports events such as the Ecco walkathon, the DHL relay race and various cycling events to social events such as annual corporate parties, Christmas tree felling etc.

Anyone can join

Fit4Schur is for all employees of the Fritz Schur Technical Group, and it's free for employees to join. Employees' closest family and friends are also welcome to participate actively in several of the arrangements.

Sounds like something you'd like to be part of?