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Fritz Schur Energy helping to enhance lifespan of wind farms

29. June 2021

Repowering as part of a sustainable future At Fritz Schur Energy we have many years of experience in repowering projects. Working towards a greener and more sustainable future is a priority to us and we constantly strive to achieve this in our every day work. We consider repowering as a core element in the pursuit […]

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Service, repair and retrofir by Fritz Schur Energy

How unique retrofit solution enhanced lifetime of pitch oil and hydraulic pitch system

24. March 2021

  A unique challenge In 2016 Fritz Schur Energy took on the assignment of customizing a retrofit solution for an international wind farm. The farm had experienced continuous turbine stops due to overheating and high pitch oil tempera¬≠ture in their machines caused by very turbulent wind conditions. This was not a typical operational failure seen […]

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Test rig, Fritz Schur Energy

Time and cost saving test rig for training and R&D purposes

17. March 2021

  The challenge Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group (SEWPG) had a need to create a mechanical test rig including a control system, which could meet the requirements of: 1:1 test and development of the control system logic 1:1 test under true load conditions Comparison between measurement and simulation data Test of sophisticated hydraulic pitch control […]

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