What are cookies?
A cookie is a data file that is temporarily being stored on your computer. This is done in order for us to recognize your computer and ‘remember’ your settings, when you revisit. A cookie cannot spread computer viruses or other harmful programs. Instead, it helps to analyze how the website is used, so that we can constantly improve fsenergy.com.

The use of cookies on fsenergy.com
In order to optimize fsenergy.com, we use cookies. This saved some of your previous selections and entries on the site, so that your experience of fsenergy.com becomes more personal and user-friendly. We use Google Analytics to analyze how you use our website. From Google Analytics we get reports of activity on fsenergy.com.

Google Analytics sets two types of cookies
A permanent cookie that shows whether the user is recurrent, which site the user comes from, what search engine is used etc. Permanent cookies are stored on your hard drive until they expire or until you manually delete them.
Session cookies that show when and how long a user is on the site. Session cookies expire after each session, when you close your tab or browser. Google Analytics does not pair your IP-address with other Google Analytics information.

To reject the use of cookies
You may refuse the use of cookies on your computer by changing the relevant settings in your browser. Since a cookie is placed with you, it is only possible for you to view, modify or delete these cookies. We hope, however, that you will allow the cookies we set, as they help us make your experience on fsenergy.com better and more personal.

If you do not wish to receive cookies from fsenergy.com you can in most newer browsers, select advanced cookie settings under internet options and add this domain to the list of websites you want to block cookies from. Here you can also delete individual cookies or all the cookies saved by your browser. If you do not want your visit to be recorded by Google Analytics, you can use Google’s Opt-Out Browser Add-on. Please be aware that your visits to other sites that use Google Analytics will not be registered either, if you install this browser plugin.

Deletion of cookies
Cookies can be deleted by the user. This is done usually from the browser’s menu under Settings or Internet options. Please be aware that if all the cookies on your computer is deleted, all the saved user names and passwords for the various sites will be deleted.