This ensures a much more narrow operating temperature of the oil, avoiding overheating and offering cleaner oil at the same time. Both have a positive impact on the operation and the lifetime of the hydraulic system.

  • Improved lifetime on components in the hydraulic pitch system
  • Improved lifetime on hydraulic oil
  • Efficient continuous offline filtration of the hydraulic oil
  • Efficient continuous cooling for the hydraulic oil - controlled by independent thermostat
  • Higher uptime and thereby increased earnings
  • “Plug and play“ installation with all necessary components
  • Customization to fit any hydraulic pitch system


In early 2016 we fitted Oil Conditioning Units (OCU) from
Fritz Schur Energy A/S to two of our wind turbines. Since
fitting the OCU six months ago we have experienced no
downtime due to high pitch oil temperature in these two
machines. [...] The ROI varies across the farm but the highest loaded turbines
have a payback time on the OCU of around 3 months and across the complete
farm of 62 wind turbines the average payback time is less than two years.

Mike Goldsworthy, Meridian Energy

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