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Behind the scenes of Fritz Schur Energy

26. May 2021

Have you ever wondered what it takes to ship your goods across the world, and who the people behind the shipments are? We asked our warehouse manager, at Fritz Schur Energy, Allan Munch Hansen a couple of questions, and he agreed to take us behind the scenes into the nitty gritty work that involves plucking, […]

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Why technical documentation is critcal

3 reasons why technical documentation is critical

26. April 2021

Why is documentation important? At Fritz Schur Energy, documentation is key. For each project, system, and component we design, we create technical drawings, diagrams, bills of material and instruction manuals based on our technical knowhow. This systematic approach ensures that our engineers and technicians always have first-hand access and control of how our hydraulic systems […]

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Repowering can breathe new life into Middelgrunden

7. April 2021

“Copenhageners have something to be proud of. Middelgrunden Offshore Wind Farm is a unique example and showcase of the fact that we have done something for the environment while the public support was present.” These where the words of former Enviromental Mayor of Copenhagen Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard on Wednesday the 6th of May 2001 when […]

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Fritz Schur Energy’s involvement in Middelgrunden

23. March 2021

The year is 1995. The two companies Fritz Schur Hydraulik A/S and Fritz Schur Teknik A/S have been founded.  A line of acquisitions follows, and fate would let one of these acquisitions be a manufacturer of hydraulic brake systems for wind turbines. Torben Jørgensen, then Sales Manager in Fritz Schur Hydraulik and despite a retirement […]

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Express delivery on accumulators and critical components

16. March 2021

Due to Covid-19 lockdown measures across Europe in the first half of last year, steelmakers had to idle capacities to balance supply with the declined demand. This has since limited the supply of steel worldwide. Furthermore, a backlog of demand has created shortage of both domestic and imported steel in the first quarter of 2021 after […]

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Fritz Schur Energy hires new Chief Sales Officer

10. March 2021

Fritz Schur Energy and Fritz Schur Teknik are upgrading their sales activities on wind and non-wind. As of March 1, Trine Dalsgaard has been appointed as the new Chief Sales Officer for the two companies. Trine Dalsgaard has worked with sales and marketing of technical products for more than 25 years and most recently came […]

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Middelgrunden: An icon of renewable energy

2. March 2021

They stand in a slight curve. Right in the middle of Øresund just off the coast of Copenhagen. 20 Bonus 2 MW wind turbines that together form Middelgrundens Offshore Wind Farm. For 20 years, they have been the unusual sight that visitors are greeted with upon entering Copenhagen by plane. A hallmark of that green […]

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Fritz Schur Energy acquires the rights to sell Original Hydraulic Pitch Cylinders for Vestas turbines

14. April 2020

The North American wind aftermarket is a key market  and the agreement regarding original hydraulic pitch cylinders for Vestas turbines plays an important role in the further development of these markets. The FSE after market team is deligthed with the agreement: – We are of course very pleased that we can now promote and sell […]

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