A unique challenge

In 2016 Fritz Schur Energy took on the assignment of customizing a retrofit solution for an international wind farm. The farm had experienced continuous turbine stops due to overheating and high pitch oil tempera­ture in their machines caused by very turbulent wind conditions. This was not a typical operational failure seen in numerous farms, but nonetheless a failure that had a recurring negative impact on the farm’s efficiency and production.

Our retrofit solution

To solve the problem, Fritz Schur Energy installed our Oil Conditioning Unit (OCU). A unique retrofit solution that Fritz Schur Energy developed specifically to tackle challenges in keeping the pitch oil cool and clean in turbines with high pitch activity, as well as periods with very low wind.

The outcome at a glance

After fitting the OCU on one of the farm’s turbines, the farm experienced no downtime due to high pitch oil temperature in that particular turbine. In addition, the OCU also extended the lifetime of the oil, as well as the lifespan of the entire hydraulic system.

  • Improved lifetime of all components in the hydraulic pitch system
  • Improved lifetime of hydraulic oil
  • Efficient continuous offline filtration of the hydraulic oil
  • Efficient continuous cooling of the hydraulic oil – controlled by independent thermostat
  • Higher uptime and increased earnings