Preventive maintenance

  • Recommendations of hydraulic component exchange intervals
  • Ensures steady availability of the turbine thus higher production earnings
  • Avoids expensive production loss due to "run-to-failure" operating strategy


  • Improvement of availability and lifetime of the hydraulic system in any turbine type
  • Initial, visual and/or extended investigations
  • Measurements/data logging
  • Root cause analysis
  • Solution proposal

Upgrade and  retrofit solutions

  • Re-engineering and retrofit hydraulic solutions
  • Supply of replacement components
  • Evaluation of existing design according to actual load data
  • Possible re-design and retrofit solutions based on State-of-the-art experience


  • Customized training of service technicians, engineers and management at location of your choice
  • General hydraulics
  • Wind turbine hydraulics
  • Trouble shooting
  • Advice on proper maintenance

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