Service, repair and retrofit

High quality and fast repairs, accessibility to components and innovative retrofit solutions can be crucial to your turbines’ performance. With Fritz Schur Energy as your hydraulic service partner, you can be confident that your turbine will be back in optimal operating mode as fast as possible after any repair or upgrade.

We offer a wide and cost-effective range of valuable solutions, that are based on our extensive field experience, quality, timely execution, and highly developed insight into retrofit.

Prevent performance loss

Protecting your components from developing serious damage is essential to ensure your wind operation. Our consultancy and preventive maintenance strategy is an accurate and inexpensive way to assess how you proactively can minimize or even prevent serious damage on your hydraulic parts.

Our maintenance and consultancy services include:

  • Recommendations of hydraulic component exchange intervals
  • Initial, visual, and extended investigations
  • Measurements and data logging
  • Root cause analysis
  • Solution proposals

Prolong turbines lifetime with retrofit

Years long focus into innovation and R&D have made us specialist in re-engineering, upgrading and retrofit within hydraulics for wind turbines. Solutions that contribute to the extension of turbine and component lifetime, that exceed the average life designs.

Depending on your turbine’s characteristics, preferences and site conditions, Fritz Schur Energy can design unique retrofit solutions to your business advantage.

Portable N2B Nitrogen System

Control nitrogen needs and re-charging.

Cylinder replacement tool

Improve safety and reduce time, cost and losses significantly.

Hydraulic Oil Conditioning Unit

Enables full-time filtration and cooling of the oil.

Troubleshooting kit

Safeguard your business with customized troubleshooting kits.

Get the most out of your assets with technical training

The more your employees know, the more your business can be effective. And since technology keeps evolving, skill requirements continue to change. This means that hard technical skills might become insufficient or even obsolete tomorrow. By providing continuous technical skills training for your employees, you can keep up with technology and safeguard your business operation.

Our technical training includes:

  • Customized training at the location of your choice
  • General hydraulics
  • Wind turbine hydraulics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Advice on proper maintenance

Want us to assess or retrofit your hydraulic system?

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