One of the major advantages of including more functions in a hydraulic system is that modern wind turbine design often has a hydraulic power unit for supplying the brake system. By including more functions through an expansion of the central power unit, an optimal space/weight and power ratio is achieved in the most cost efficient way.

A basic advantage of hydraulic drives compared to i.e. electric based drives is exactly the power/size ratio on the motors. A hydraulic motor in a certain size can provide much higher forces compared to an electric motor with same size. This not only saves space and weight, it also enables easy scaling to larger wind turbine designs.

The strong knowledge and experience on the component and system level has secured a strong position for delivering hydraulic pitch systems to Siemens Wind Power (Bonus Energy) since 1997 with 15.000+ integrated systems delivered for Siemens and Bonus turbines and 1.000+ hydraulic systems for offshore turbines.

Today, Fritz Schur Energy have a strong image in the wind turbine market and customers have for years benefitted from our cutting edge technologies and reliable solutions for on- and offshore turbines.


The design process is made in close partnership with our customers.


The production of hydraulic pitch controls is done by a very experienced and quality focused team. We partner for the best solution and quality.

Reducing costs

Optimizing the wind turbine owners‘ investment.