1. Start-up

The start-up phase is normally executed as a meeting at the customers' clarifying buyer's purchase criteria:

  • Wishes and needs
  • Understanding the application
  • Requirements
  • Possibilities
  • Expected lifespan
  • Supply Chain Management

The start-up phase results in a project description and milestones.

2. Analysis and plan

This phase is clarifying choice of components based on:

  • Buyer's purchase criteria
  • Time frame
  • Economy
  • Quality and expected lifespan

Resulting in suggested solution and milestones.

3. Presentation

In this phase, Fritz Schur Energy present the solution to the customer and give an outline of:

  • Product
  • Production plan
  • Delivery agreement
  • After sales service

Resulting in partner agreement and milestones.

4. Test

Phase four is testing at the customers' or at Fritz Schur Energy. The test is performed according to the customers' needs and may include:

  • Proto type
  • 0-series
  • Test
  • Test of lifespan

Resulting in customer acceptance and milestones.

5. Execution

Phase five is execution of the solution either at the customer's or at Fritz Schur Energy, with focus on:

  • Project status
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Delivery
  • Service

Resulting in customer acceptance and project results.

6. Evaluation

The evaluation phase is held at the customer includes an analysis of:

  • Delivery efficiency
  • Product compared to project description
  • Improvement of method

Resulting in customer accepted project.