Increasing Annual Energy Production and Reducing O&M Cost in wind farms

For more than 30 years, Fritz Schur Energy has developed and supplied hydraulic control systems for more than 14.000 turbines on- and offshore. This significant experience and insight has now resulted in two product inventions, both of which are designed to increase the uptime of the turbine as well as save time - and money - on O&M.

“We are focusing strongly on the aftermarket as we can put our long-time knowledge and expertise at use and support older as well as newer turbines.”

Global Aftermarket Manager, Bjarne Nyborg Nielsen

Challenges of keeping the oil cool and clean

In wind turbines with high pitch activity (high loads and turbulence) as well as very low wind, certain issues may occur. Symptoms typically seen are overheating hydraulic oil and increased particle contamination.

In the hydraulic pitch system both cooling and filtration is a part of normal operation. However, in case of very high pitch activity, the system will replenish more oil to the pitch operation (accumulators) in the hub resulting in less oil running through the cooler. In such instances, the system does not get a chance to cool down, with the risk of the oil exceeding normal operating temperatures and stopping the turbine. Without active cooling, it can take several hours for the oil to reach normal operating temperature again, with lost production on the affected turbines as a result.

Another issue related to high pitch activity is obtaining a steady oil flow over the return filter with less effective filtration as a consequence as well as the higher wear on the cylinders might draw higher levels of contamination into the system. The particle contamination in the hydraulic oil cause problems such as sticking valves and higher wear on the components, which again leads to unexpected shut down and increased O&M cost.

Optimized energy production with oil conditioning unit and N2B system

To avoid these problems, Fritz Schur Energy has developed two unique products:

Oil Conditioning Unit
N2B System

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